Welcome from Uber Real EstateTM

Uber Real Estate™ – Uber™ is an Information Technology Company displacing the Real Estate Industry and Reducing the Cost to Transact.

An Uber™ application, on-demand model has been under development and in-use for five years which covers all services related to Real Estate, Sales, Rentals, Insurance, Finance, Title and Law.

Our clients save up to 50% over traditional real estate brokerage firms.

Uber is the last real estate firm that you will ever use, as you are directly benefitting yourself. Our clients have the opportunity of receiving equity options when they complete a transaction. Some are, in fact, shareholders and lifetime clients. We provide quality and return to our customers through Supply Side Economics.

Our experienced Brokers and Broker Attorneys individually possess anywhere from ten to forty years of experience. We are all about Uber execution and providing answers without complication or delay.

Our associates have equity participation based on performance metrics. They have assets, skin in the game, ratings and perfect records. Broker / Broker Attorney’s with Uber Real Estate, unlike other real estate firms, have a built-in exit plan for retirement. Our associates are part owners and consequently, do not compete against others at their own firm. Our associates work together as a team, as all clients of the firm are, by default, their individual benefactors as it should be.

The Uber for Real Estate is raising the legal bar in the Real Estate arena. We do not hire inexperienced real estate agents that lack education and experience, unlike other firms. You need someone qualified to handle what is usually your most personal and the most valuable asset in your life.

We meet far more active buyers and sellers in transition. Our associates see and hear about them first.

Uber appears 2,350,000,000+ times in search. Uber Real Estate, Uber For Real Estate and Uber of Real Estate presently appear over 1,000,000,000+ times in the search.

Bible, for comparison, appears 586,000,000 in the search.

Realtor shows up 326,000,000 times in the search. Zillow shows up 110,000,000 times in the search. Trulia shows up 65,000,000 times. Coldwell Banker 55,000,000, Keller Williams 94,000,000, Remax 128,000,000 times and Berkshire Hathaway 36,000,000 (Subject to change). The rest are not worth speaking too as they are irrelevant.

All of these combined, fit inside a small portion of the marketing prowess of Uber.

Uber Real Estate is simple A to B logic…

Up to 50% off traditional Real Estate Fees.

Qualified Brokers and Broker Attorneys versus unqualified inexperienced Real Estate Agents.

More search results and human interactions than everyone else combined several times over.

Just Uber™ it.

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Buying a Home

Receive up to $10,000 cash back to non-recurring closing costs. We are all about execution and going from A to B with our Proptech application.

Buying a home is an exciting and complex adventure. It can also be a very time-consuming and costly one if you’re not familiar with all aspects of the process and don’t have all the best information and resources at hand.

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Selling Your Home

List your property for 1-2%.

We are all about execution and going from A to B.

Who do you believe is going to represent the 56,000 buyers that work at Uber? The 75,000,000 total consumers, 48,000,000 of which is in the United States that use Uber every month? More importantly, who is not going to be representing those buyers? Who has interaction with these customers 10,000,000,000 times annually? Who is going to control and support the market?

Answer: Uber, Uber Real Estate. Proptech that’s disrupting the real estate brokerage industry.

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