About Uber Real Estate

UBER today has over 125 Executives, Engineers, Customer Service Support and Accountants at its disposal.

The UBER Official Business Creation Date: 2006-11-14T01:48:27Z by Mr. Whatley who is shareholder of the company.

We own the word, UBER ™, itself, for Real Estate. Registration Number 5052252. Trademark First Use 1-31-2008, USPTO.

Uber Real Estate website has been Owned and Registered since November 26, 2009.

We own the UBER Google Play and Apple Store Developer accounts, the UBER application in Google Play for 84% of the world’s devices and the UBERBNB application in the Apple Store.

UBER has been continuously providing all services related to real estate, including real estate rental, real estate finance, real estate insurance and real estate title since inception in multiple states before ubercab started.

UberCab was created in 2009/2010.

Uber Technologies owns the ubercab applications in Google Play.

Their Chief Executive Officer is well informed.

Public Communications are to be coordinated by agreement.

UBERRE, Inc. (UBER ™) is in communication with Uber Technologies, Inc. (Uber ™) everyday of every week.

Any and all connotations of the word, “UBER,” and any reference to Real Estate what-so-ever are the sole property and Trademark(s) of UberRE, Inc. DBA UBER, Uber Real Estate, et. al..

Trademark Infringement is now pursued to the full extent of Federal Law at minimum damages of $16,400,000,000 USD (Uber Brand Value) and applicable attorney’s fee’s, per occurrence.

It is about UBER Everything And Everywhere

Today, UBER is you and all the people. You have made it what it is today. You literally voted with your feet and your pocketbooks that there is better way to travel.

UBER is about creating opportunity for all and about connecting them in a marketplace where they can create commerce with another.

The United States was formed on the same basis of putting aside unnecessary regulation and undue stamp taxes that were massive burden on the people. This created the ultimate disruption and revolution that things could be better. That all peoples, no matter where they come from, have the right to engage and do things without undue restraint.

With you, we will make UBER the premium service it should be, provide the ultimate value and market liquidity anywhere in the world.

We are fully cooperating with the United States Department of Justice in making real estate markets transparent and free from commission price fixing.

The power is in your hand as the consumer.

Enjoy using the UBER – UBER BNB I UBER BROKER Google Play and Apple Store Application.

UBER was made for you.