UBER I Copyright Policy

Welcome to UBER, an information technology platform with Vacation Rentals, BNB, Stays, Travel, and Experiences Listings from the Hosts to bring unique and amazing BnB experiences to Guests. UBER (“Site”) respects the intellectual property rights and copyright for our website, https://www.uberrealestate.com/, and other websites, UBER Applications, through which we deliver various services at the request of end-users.

This policy applies to our services, collectively “ UBER Services, ” via mobile, tablet, smart devices, and any Application Program Interfaces, “ Application.” The Application, websites, and the UBER Services all are termed as the “ UBER Platform ” hereafter.

With respect to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other laws, we have a right to execute policy in certain circumstances like the Members of the UBER Platform deemed to be repeat infringers, bad actors, or those that have any poor intent.

Observing any infringements from the Member’s side, UBER can limit the access to the UBER Platform and terminate their accounts from the UBER Platform.

DMCA - Alleged Infringement Notice

If you believe any of the contents uploaded or else available on the UBER Platform infringes with respect to copyright policy, you may send a written document to the Company with the following inclusions:

A brief description of the work that you claim upon infringement.

  • Provide authenticated first-hand proof of ownership.

  • Identifying the URL or any specific location on the UBER Platform claim infringes your copyright on the details listed above.

  • Provide either e-sign or physical sign of the owner of the copyright or the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner.

  • A statement that a member, subject to the notice of infringements is not authorized by the copyright owner.

  • A statement declared by you that the information contained in the copyright notice by attestation regarding the penalty is the necessary one.

  • Name, mailing address, mobile number, and email address

Upon the notification, we may disable access to the content and require further supplementary information before the removal. The UBER Platform will contact its Member who submitted the infringing content and will investigate the matter.


When UBER Platform receives the counter-notification, it may choose to remove the information within 14 days after receiving the notices. Please note that the UBER Platform will send a copy of the Counter-Notice to the addresses. Upon believing the copyrighted material, you may send the written counter-notification under DMCA if any of the mistakes or misidentification. Your letter must include the following:

  • I agree to the venue and jurisdiction of the Federal District Court in which address is located within or outside the country where the UBER Platform is located.

  • I will accept the rules and conditions of the UBER Platform from the parties that filed the notification of alleged infringement

  • I have good faith and belief that the material is disabled as a result of any mistakes or misidentification.

If you are the infringer and seek to contact the original compliment, then please send and write an email at the address included in the copyright complaints.

Repeat Infringements

We may terminate the Member’s account on the UBER Platform in case of a repeat infringer or bad actor. A repeat infringer is a user who is responsible for infringing activity greater than one. We may decide that a sufficient reason exists to terminate the account for any reason immediately.

Please note that our Member will receive alleged infringement-related notifications. Regarding any other comments, requests, and other messages, view and check the details listed in the Terms of Service.


Any member who knowingly uses fraudulently uses, or misrepresents infringing content will be subject to ruling by UBER. Content which is identified as a mistake or misidentification will be subject to ruling by UBER.