UBER I Terms of Service

Welcome to the UBER website and thank you for choosing us to fulfill your property needs. UBER  is a digitized real estate platform that includes all the features relating to the demands in the BnB, travel, vacation rental, trip experience, and real estate industry. Right from the registration to the usage of the services, all comply with these terms of use. UBER has all the right to update these Terms of Service or changes without any prior intimation. UBER asks you to review our updates on a periodical basis.  

Please read these Terms of Service from top to bottom before accessing https://www.uberrealestate.com (“Site”) and services offered by UBER. By visiting or purchasing from our site, you agree to be bound by the following Terms of Service. 

Last Updated: June 19, 2021

Terms of Services (“Terms”) refers to a binding agreement (“Agreement”) between UBER and you. This governs all of your access and/or use of our websites and affiliates (“Sites”), our applications specially designed for handy devices like mobiles, tablets, etc. (“Applications”, and the services performed by that platform (“UBER Services”). Hereafter, the “UBER Platform ” term used in these Terms of Services is a group of site applications as well as UBER services. 

In addition, the terms like “we,” “us,” or “our,” used in any place on our website ultimately refer to UBER. The data attributes grouped with your accounts on our UBER Platform contribute to the checking of your residence according to the direct express selection or by the UBER validation process. 

UBER plays a digital assistant role for you to complete a wide range of tasks in the real estate industry. The services are not visible to you without advertisements where they need your information. How is the information collected and shared to execute the most relevant advertisements?  Check Privacy Policy for further details. 

1. Scope of UBER Services

1.1 UBER acts as an online marketplace in which people or any digital entity wish to show their properties with all the demanding amenities. People who complete the registration successfully (“ Members ”) in the initial stage. The members and the entities, mainly third parties, are collectively grouped in a single term (“ Hosts ”). They offer numerous services (“ Host Services ”) on our UBER Platform (“ Listings ”). The communication and the transaction between the members who offer the services and members who use the services (“ Guests ”) are in a direct form with our platform. The services offered with our platform start with properties for use (“ Accommodation ”), activities daily in several categories (“ Experiences ”), events gathering with location (“ Events ”), and travel / non-travel needs. 

1.2 The UBER Platform just plays a service provider role and it is not an organizer of any travel packages. In addition, UBER doesn’t own, create, sell, deliver, or supply any listings or host services.  Hosts take the sole responsibility for their listings as well as Host Services. By making or accepting a new booking, members build a contract with the Hosts. The main role of the UBER Platform acts as a connecting medium and it will not act as an intermediate participant, agent, or real estate broker insurer. UBER acts as an indirect agent role only during the payment services which are executed by third parties.

1.3 During the mapping of rental needs and availability, UBER does not guarantee on host services regarding (i) the location, legal assurance, quality, suitability of Listings or Host Services, (ii) accuracy of the information in the Listings, Feedbacks, Opinions and other Content (as defined below), or (iii) the performance or conduct of any Member or third party. UBER reserves the right, but not the obligation, to any references to a Member being " verified " (or similar language) only to indicate that the Member has completed a relevant verification or identification process and nothing else. A description regarding the Member containing the details like identity, trust value, safety, and suitability is purely from the Members only. The UBER Platform does not have any certification or guarantee about that. UBER does not have any endorsement of the decision you have made to stay in an Accommodation, participate in an Experience or Event or use other Host Services, accept a booking request from a Guest, or communicate and interact with other Members, whether online or in person. The images showcased by the Members in the UBER Platform are not verified, taken at the time of photograph taken and they only present on our web platform indicates the pictorial representation of Listings. Therefore, UBER has no endorsement on that. 

1.4 If you select the UBER Platform to show services by acting as a Host or Co-Host (as defined below), your contractual relationship with our platform is independent and third-party contractor. The role is not beyond that. You are not an employee, agent, joint venturer, or partner of UBER Platform in any case. Access to the UBER Platform is for the benefit of yourself only, not for the benefit of the UBER Platform. We are conscious that the UBER Platform does not provide any directions or control you and your performance in general. More specifically, the UBER Platform plays under the Terms of Service for all Members. Before hosting the services, the acknowledgment and the agreement made with the UBER platform ensure the service quality in real-time. 

1.5 To bring visibility to the Listings by a Member, the UBER platform has the right to display the information in other websites, applications, advertisements online/offline, and emails. To assist with the use of Google Translator, the UBER Platform, we translate the Member Content in whole or in part to make content in an understandable form.  We do not provide any guarantee on such translations. To improve accuracy further, UBER Platform insists that our Members review and verify the accuracy of such translations before sharing them in online portals. Since all the translations inside the UBER Platform are powered by Google, the disclaimer of Google is relevant here also. 

1.6 Our Sites and applications have a link with third-party websites, internet resources, other websites, services (“ Third-Party Services ”). Each of them has its Terms and Conditions and privacy policies. Also, these resources are not under the control of the UBER Platform.  You first acknowledge that the UBER Platform is not liable for the legality or accuracy of such Third-Party Services, or any other aspects like the content, products, or services.

1.7 We cannot give an assurance on the uninterrupted or stable accessibility concerning the nature of the Internet. During any maintenance, defined capacity limits or security issues in certain areas, UBER may restrict the UBER Platform until the assurance of proper or improved functionality is achieved. UBER is also responsible for introducing the new UBER Services periodically. 

2. Eligibility, Using the UBER Platform, Member Verification

2.1 To access or register as a new Member on the UBER Platform, you are at least 18 years of age, and that you can enter, perform your activities under the Terms of Service. If you are below age 18, you may not use the UBER Services in any circumstances and for any reason.

2.2 You may register a new account and be subject to Product Terms if you want to access some of the features and/or Services. During the registration process, you will be asked to give personal information like an email address and a mobile number. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account details with the UBER Platform. The information collected during the registration process is used by the UBER Platform especially for verification, eligibility criteria validation, opinion sharing, booking, or cancellation. 

2.3The UBER Platform is not responsible for the confirmation of any Member’s identity by the simple Internet-based verification only. 

2.4 As per your agreement with our Terms of Use, we grant you access to certain features of our UBER Platform. On observing any conflicts or violations between the Terms of Conditions and the conditions on the specific area, the revised Terms and Conditions with respect to your usage of the feature are applicable. 

2.5 If you wish to use any mobile application feature of our Services, you must initially have a mobile device at first. Then, you agree to Google or the Apple  Licensed Application End User License Agreement to download the  Application from Google Play or the Apple App Store. In some areas, the UBER Platform integrates the Google Maps-based Mapping Service. Under this stage, your use is under the Terms of Service by Google Maps / Google Earth.

3. Modification of these Terms

UBER reserves the right to modify any Services and associated Terms at any time with prior notice to any Member. As soon as the terms are revised, we will immediately post the revised terms on the UBER Platform with the date information as “Last Updated” at the top of the Terms of Services page. Also, We will send an email alert to describe the modifications thirty days prior to the effective date. You can go through and read the updated Terms of Service on this page. After reading, either you agree or disagree based on your needs. If you disagree with the updated terms, we will immediately terminate the agreement and the corresponding notification email sent to you. In case, if you do not disagree prior to the effective date, then your continued usage of the UBER Platform or the Services following our modification describes the acceptance of those changes.

4. Account Registration

4.1 To access and use some of the features in the UBER Platform, you will be required to register a new account ("UBER Account"). The features you are getting access to after registration are publishing or booking a Listing. Suppose, you are registering an account for a company or any legal entity, then you have the authority to legally bind to us and you are responsible to provide all permissions and licenses under these Terms.

4.2 The UBER Platform provides two-way options to register your account either by entering an email address or third-party social networking services ("SNS") like Facebook or Google. If you registered an account via SNS ("SNS Account"), you have the authorization to disable the connection between UBER and SNS accounts by changing attributes in the "Settings" section in the UBER Platform. 

4.3 During registration, the UBER Platform insists that you must provide accurate information and keep your information updated to use the features.

4.4 You are solely responsible for your Account-related processes and keep the password secure. Without any permission from us, you may not have permission to use another Members’ Account or registered information. 

4.5 You are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of credentials shared with UBER Platform and any disclosure of them to any third-party services. In case of any change in eligibility in accessing or using our Services, you must notify UBER Platform immediately. Further, you must intimate us during any case of discrepancies like loss of credentials, stolen, unauthorized access immediately. You are liable to all your UBER Account-related activities on the UBER Platform until you are not authorized and/or are negligent. 

4.6 Under these Terms of Service, we grant each Member of UBER Services a non-transferable license to access, download and display locally. We may enable some features that permit you to grant access to other Member or Third-Party Services to take action on your UBER account.  The UBER Platform assures you that the enabled features do not require any personal credentials of your Member or another Member. 

5. Content

5.1 UBER allows its Members (i) create, upload, post, send, receive and store content, such as text, photos, audio, video, or other materials and information on or through the UBER Platform ("Member Content") under the restrictions outlined in these Terms of Services; and (ii) access and view Member Content shared with UBER Platform inclusive of proprietary UBER content and any content licensed or authorized from a third party ("UBER Content" and together with Member Content, "Collective Content"). You agree that  UBER is free to use any opinions discussed in the UBER Platform for any purpose. 

5.2 Under the restrictions declared by these Terms, UBER grants each Member a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable, non-transferable license to (i) download and use the Application on your personal device(s); and (ii) access and view any Collective Content made available on or through the UBER Platform and accessible to each Member, solely for their personal and non-commercial use.

6. Service Fees

6.1 To access some of the features of the Services of UBER Platform, You may pay the fees that are in USDs and are non-refundable. The fees to Host ("Host Fees") and/or Guests ("Guest Fees") and their group ("Service Fees") are requested for the use of the UBER Platform. The Service Fees page included in the UBER Platform contains the details regarding how it is calculated and when this fee will be applied. 

6.2 Before publishing or booking the Listing, the UBER Platform will display the applicable fees inclusive of all the taxes applicable as per local governance to the Host or Guest. UBER has all the rights to update or revise the Service Fees at any time and send an email notification to its Members before the date of effect. 

6.3 The UBER Platform has an affiliate namely UBER Payments to collect Service Fees. You are responsible for accessing UBER Payments to pay the Services Fees with applicable Taxes.  Before remittance of the Host payout, UBER Payments will deduct any Host Fees and any Guest Fees are included. 

7 Booking Accommodations

7.1 Under certain criteria like type travel aspects, and the number of guests, You can search and filter the Services listed by the Host. Hosts attached to the UBER Platform have the rights to grant the limited license to your confirmed booking of an Accommodation (“Accommodation Booking”) to enter, occupy and use for a stay period. As per the agreement made with our Hosts, they have the authority to revise the Accommodation details and apply them. 

7.2 Upon the mutual agreement between you and the Host, You agree to leave the Accommodation before or on the checkout time specified in the Listing. In case of any excess or beyond the checkout time without any intimation to the Host (“Overstay”), you are not allowed to stay in the Accommodation and the Host has the right to make you leave immediately and abide by the law. Besides, you agree to pay for each extra twenty-four hour (24) on your Overstay (“Overstay Fees”) and the nightly fee. This fee is comparatively two times the average Listing fee paid originally. UBER assures you that the collection of Overstay Fees for late checkouts do not impact the new upcoming bookings. UBER Payments allow you to pay such Overstay Fees easily if any Security Deposit or Guest’s Overstay scenarios. 

7.3 Booking Experiences, Events and other Host Services

7.3.1 An experience is the reflection of opinions of Members attached to the UBER Platform and associated Services. You are solely responsible and careful about your reviews corresponding to the usage of Host Service and participation in an Event. Your Reviews are the reasons to bring other additional Guests to the UBER Platform. You should confirm that you and anyone you invite meet any minimum age, proficiency, fitness, or other requirements in Listing. You are responsible to notify the Host regarding any impacts on the additional Guest’s participation in physical and medical circumstances. Additionally, the UBER Platform extends the Terms as per certain Laws like drinking age, location of the Host Services.

7.3.2 You must adhere to the instructions defined by the Hosts’ before or during the Experience with our Services. 

7.3.3 During the booking process itself, you are requested to add additional Guests. Then only, does the UBER Platform grant the rights for the experience or participate in one Event and access to the Service. 

7.4 UBER Travel Credits

Eligible bookings from the UBER Platform have the permission to redeem UBER Travel Credit. After the reflection of UBER Travel Credits on the UBER Account, you can redeem the UBER Travel Credits. 

8. Booking Modifications, Cancellations, and Refunds, Resolution Center

8.1 UBER Platform or UBER customer service grants the rights to both Hosts and Guests for any modifications to a booking ("Booking Modifications"). During such scenarios, both of them agree to pay the fees including Listing Fees, Host Fees, or Guest Fees and/or Taxes. 

8.2 The cancellation policy applies to the reservation process via UBER Platform determines the process of canceling a reservation and the refund amount as the Guests more specifically you. Under the Listing’s cancellation policy, You can cancel the Booking Accommodation at any time and refund the Total Fees via UBER Payments. Also, We grant the rights to the Host to remit any portion of Total Fees via UBER Payments in some circumstances as per cancellation policy and Payment Terms. 

8.3 On the other aspect, upon cancelation by Host means, then the Guest will receive a full refund of the Total Fees within a reasonable cancellation period. As per the Guest’s directions, UBER may allow the Guest to apply for a refund of a new booking. Upon the Guest’s subsequent booking, the amount is credited via UBER Payments and immediately updates the Listing with information that the booking was canceled. Under the premises like Circumstances Policy and legitimate concerns, UBER may (i) keep the calendar updated with blocked dates of the canceled booking (ii) impose a cancellation fee unless the Host has a valid reason.

8.4 If weather creates an uncomfortable scenario or unsafe scenario for the Guests, UBER allows the Hosts to either modify or cancel the service immediately. The UBER Platform suggests that Guests provide an alternate date and the corresponding refund on the Host Service during any substantial changes or cancellation of Host Services. 

8.5 UBER follows the UBER Extenuating Circumstances Policy and decides to refund or make the payout decision during the cancellation of bookings. The policy formulation is based on two criteria like (i) Good faith, while taking the legitimate interests of both parties,  this easily avoids significant harm to UBER, its Members, and Third-party Services, or (ii) Reasons set out in these Terms.

8.6 UBER also follows the Guest Refund Policy and based on this, We process the refund and all the Total Fees in case a Guest suffers a Travel Issue. 

8.7 If you play a role as a Host on the UBER Platform, you are agreed to issue the refund to the Guest under the restrictions defined in Terms as per Guest Refund Policy, Extenuating Circumstances Policy, or other applicable cancellation policy, UBER Payments solely responsible for the recovery of the amount from your refund during an event you have already paid. 

8.8 UBER integrates the Resolution Center with the UBER Account and UBER Payments where Members send or request money and Services by Host or Co-Host as per the Terms. 

9. Ratings and Reviews

9.1 After the completion of Host Services, both the Guests and Hosts have a chance to share their reviews in a public manner (“Review”) and rate the services (“Rating”). The Ratings and Reviews that are shared on the UBER Platform purely by the private opinions of Members to show how they experienced the Host Services. They are not comments from the UBER Platform. Also, UBER does not verify the comments where they may be incorrect or misleading. 

9.2 The UBER Platform strictly follows the prohibition rules where they restrict the Members from changing the Rating and Reviews in any manner. UBER also insists the third party write or share positive or negative reviews about other members. Your Review must be an accurate one and it may not contain any offensive, insulting language that violates the Content Policy. 

9.3 You have agreed to share the Ratings and Reviews as either a part of your profile and placed anywhere on the Listing page. Additionally, the Rating and Reviews shared by the Member include the relevant information to other Members like bookings completed, cancellation, responsiveness, and others. 

10. Damage to Accommodations, Disputes between Members

Right from entering to leaving an Accommodation, you are solely responsible for any private or other property and maintain the same condition. You agree that you are responsible for your obligations, acts, and omissions from either your side or by your invitee’s side. In case of any damage on both private property as well as real property (“Damage Claim”), observed by another Member, then the Member can seek the compensation by a Resolution Center attached to UBER Account. Upon “accepting for payment,” by the responsible Member, UBER collects the sum related to the cost of damage by UBER Payments itself. 

If you have queries regarding Terms of Services, then send them to us at the UBER Contact Us Page.