UBER I Hospitality

The UBER Platform focuses on the best user interface to connect its members to bnb, vacation rentals, travel, stays, trip experiences and real estate sales. 

We bring memorable Host hospitality services to Guests.

To maintain competitiveness, the UBER platform employs structuring that improves operational efficiency and generates maximum revenue for both your time and unutilized assets. UBER brings superior experience to Hosts and Guests with the following:

  1. Responsiveness

We always track the Host responsiveness to the requests from the Guest side. We especially keep a term called response rate to measure your responsiveness. This term describes how far you quickly respond to the new requests and inquiries. We set a timeline to respond to the query within 24 hours. Hosts should make it a point to respond immediately.

  1. Request Management

With the setting called availability of spaces on a specified date, the Host is able to manage incoming requests. The calendar option shows the property availability clearly. If it is free, then the Hosts accept the requests, alternatively the requests are blocked till the property is available. 

UBER insists on the Hosts to avoid cancellations. If a confirmed booking is cancelled, we assess penalties for that. The cancellation will be applicable only if any policy violations exist. 

  1. Positive ratings

Irrespective of booking on any place in any region, the guests expect high-quality staying services. The overall rating value is a measure of the average review score from the Guest side and this must be high or positive to receive more bookings. 

On the other side, Hosts also have an opportunity to share their experiences regarding a Guests stay. The parameters that govern positive rating are a clean property, amenity list, simple check-in and support during the stay period. 

3.1. Clean Property

We demand our Hosts list property with proper cleanliness. As per the cleaning requirements, the average value of the ratings will appear on the Listing Page. If ratings are low due to dirtiness, then the penalties become live. 

3.2. Amenities List

This must be detailed as per the Guest’s requirements. Right from the tissue paper to the Wi-Fi, all of the amenities must be very clear and this will make Guests feel convenience in the booking itself. The amenities list should meet the following expectations:

  • Location details must be correct

  • Accurate privacy details

  • Quality photos in the listing

  • Amenities must be as per listing

3.3. Easy Booking 

As a host, you must provide all the details like directions to reach, clear property available information and the time-saving metrics. 

UBER Host Standards for Hospitality

With the aim of providing a unique hospitality experience, UBER provides some guidelines for Host hospitality services.

Think unique and value experience, with functionality and service.

Some of the metrics that make the property list are a good fit for UBER are as follows:

  • Common gathering spaces

  • Flow and workflow

  • High-quality images that show the property

  • Fulfilling of basic amenities

  • Accessibility needs 

If any of the standards are not met, then the UBER platform will send an email notification and intimate them for an updated property type. If the listing doesn’t meet our standards, then it will be completely removed. 

Hosts that meet these standards and high quality of service have a preference on the UBER platform.