UBER I Why Host?

Turn Your Unused Space to Cash

Do you have an unused rentable space? UBER provides you a platform to generate revenue. You are simply click-away away. You can show your space available to travelers looking for BnB, vacation rentals, stays, and experiences. In case of any matches of a guests’ requirements, you can receive a reservation request and earn revenue digitally.

As we all know that the real estate industry is now digitized with many website platforms. The UBER Brand has ten times as many active users as the next largest brand.

The Listings and the Services you offer should be unique and exciting. In order to provide impressive services to your Guests. You need one full-fledged worldwide Brand. That is where the UBER comes in. UBER does the pre-discussion with you regarding how many pictures and videos you showed on our website and checks the limits prior to the actual list. This reduces the waiting time for web page loading and prevents the Guests from switching to another listing.

The UBER platform is a highly reliable website platform with significant security features, controlled backups, worldwide servers with cahe’s that make your response time faster. Therefore, Guests can quickly view your listings.

By offering multiple check-in options, Guests have the full freedom to change the bookings in an easy format.

Further, the hosting options are in multiple formats like email, social media sharing and messaging via phones, etc. Hence, the obtainment of more guest stays is easy for the hosts available globally.

How to be a Host in UBER?

The next step is to know how to be a host on the UBER platform. Getting ready for being a host is simple on UBER. The tips to be a host in the UBER Platform are:

Keep Ready With Listings

Listings are the immediate stage after registration with a website. Hence, they hold enough information for the guests, specifically, they must be updated. The main attributes are;

  • Calendars with the updated feature

  • Verified eMail ID

  • Clear instructions about the place

  • Complete Google Maps Location

  • Dedicated calendar settings

  • Quality Photos

Make Your Place A Ready BNB, Vacation Rental, Stay and Experience

Prior to check-in, guests are in need of information like bathroom needs, sheets, towels, cleaning, and management. Hosts include a cleaning fee in the booking fee also. For business people; power, work area, uninterrupted internet, and Wi-Fi are the main things.

The steps to become a host and earn money are as follows:

  • Create a listing with necessary details like space information, the number of people accommodated, images, fees, and essential amenities, etc.

  • Inform the guests of the necessary details and initiate the payment process after the reservation requests are confirmed.

  • With the partnered payment interfaces like UBER payments, the guests can easily pay the fee in a secure manner.

  • In case of any cancellation in bookings, then the amount is directly refunded to the account of the guests as per the Guest Refund Policy.

Is Listing on UBER Safe for Hosts?

UBER follows safety measures and the dedicated policy formulation activity to safeguard the Hosts attached to it.

To build transparency in services, UBER permits both the hosts and guests to share their reviews only after 14 days of checkout.

Upon request, travelers and hosts on the UBER platform must submit their details like identity documents, photos, and licenses for verification. This ensures a high level of security in real-time.