UBER I Guest Refund Policy

With respect to Guest bookings, UBER provides the following choices to the Hosts such as cancellation and refund policies.

Flexible Policy

If a Guest cancels a booking prior to their arrival, 3 days or before, then the Guests will receive a full refund of an amount collected at the time of booking. In case, if they cancel anywhere between 3 days and the arrival time, then Guests will get a refund amount of 50% of the Accommodation fee.

Moderate Limits

If the guests select this policy means, then free cancellation is valid for the 14 days before check-in. If the reservation is done within 14 days, free cancellation is applicable only if they cancel 48 hours after booking. Nightly rate, cleaning charges are included in the refund and the service fee is not included in it.

Long-Term Prospects

Generally, these bookings initially demand a first-month down payment. Upon canceling, the Guests should intimate the hosts with a 30 days notice. If the Guests cancel within 30 days or prior to check-in, the initial down payment is non-refundable. In case of cancellation during the stay period, the Guests should pay the accommodation fees for the 30 day period after the cancellation date.

Guest service fee falls into the non-refundable category if they select any of the above-listed policies. To claim the refund, all the Guests agree to the Hosts’ cancellation policy during booking a request

Refund on Booking Issues

Mitigating Scenarios

These include serious illness, traveling issues due to natural disasters, Act of God and the travel restrictions declared after booking. UBER guest refund policy is applicable to these scenarios. In a similar way, the damages or maintenance issues affecting the security also fall into the UBER Guest Refund Policy category.

Host-side Issues

  • Prior to check-in, the cancellation of the accommodation by the host

  • Absence of security codes or keys from the host site during the booking of guests

  • Differences in Listing information and actual availability

  • Amenities in the Listings are not as specified

  • Proximities in the location of the place and the transportation hubs

  • Dirty and the safety or healthy hazards in staying place

How to Get Refund Due to Booking Issue?

Upon the beliefs of the Guests, the cancellation is duly by the Mitigating Scenarios, then they contact us to claim their refund amount digitally. Guests should send an email request within 14 days of the date canceled by them. After receiving the request, UBER determines your cancellation is truly due to the natural situation, then UBER rewrites the Host Cancellation Policy and takes decisions as per updated policies.

How to Get Refund Due to Host-side Issue?

If the Guests encountered an issue from the Host-side as specified above, then they can easily claim the refund in the following ways:

  • Bringing the notice to us regarding the host-side issue by writing to admin@uberrealestate.com, or via telephones with valid proof. The proof states the details about the host-side issue and it will be sent within 24 hours of the check-out date. In case of any inquiries from our corporation side, Guests should furnish the additional details also.

  • Either directly or indirectly, Guests suffer a booking issue, this policy is applicable.

  • The usage of reasonable efforts to get a solution for the host-side issues.

These terms and conditions govern the UBER policy for Guest refunds and the obligations of the Host associated with the Guest Refund Policy, which applies in addition to the UBER Terms of Service. The Guest Refund Policy is available to Guests who book and pay for an Accommodation through the UBER Platform and suffer a Travel Issue.

The Workflow of UBER Guest Refund Policy.

After raising the claim from the Guests, it is necessary to know what the workflow of the Guest Refund Policy is. The workflow comprises two dimensions as prior to check-in and past the check-in.

Case a: Prior to Check-in

UBER provides direct communication options like email in combination with telephonic calls for the Guests to raise their claims. This is the correct option to get the refund amount directly. By visiting the dashboard panel in the UBER platform, scrolling down the reservation where the number of bookings is displayed. Select the refund option corresponding to the bookings.

Case B: Past Check-in

UBER Guest Refund Policy in this case starts with the conversation between the Hosts and the Guests. By this process, Hosts easily understand the need of asking for a refund and the type of refund easily.

Then, hosts are moved to the dashboard of the UBER website where they easily find the reservation details from the Guest side. Select the refund option and send the partial reimbursement to the Guests.

The message regarding the refund amount details will be sent to the customers. If the customers approve the refund offer, UBER delivers the refund to the Guest’s account directly after 48 hours.

UBER I Derived Conditions to Claim Refunds

  • Must be registered as a Guest in our platform and booked the accommodation,

  • Must intimate the issues you are faced by the Guests either by mail or by telephone within 24 hours of encountering an issue.

  • Must send the responses to the requests by Hosts

  • Either directly or indirectly caused by booking issues.

  • Agreed upon the vacation of accommodation and still qualified by gaining partial reimbursement.

Host Responsibilities

Hosts are responsible to ensure the listings declared on our platform must be easily accessible. The Host is solely responsible that their vacation rentals, BnB, stay, listing, travel, and experience details listed are accurate. If UBER predicts any sufferings from the host listing side, then it may insist the Host either reimburse claims by Guests or accommodate them into a new place. These actions are to be carried out within a reasonable period of time after UBER requests are initiated.

UBER encourages the hosts to understand the Guest’s rights as per this Guest Refund Policy. On encountering any travel issue, the Hosts must use reasonable efforts to offer the remedy to any travel issue. If they are making such efforts, then they are eligible to dispute the issues due to travel.

General Points

Benefits to the Guests as per the Guest Refund Policy are not assignable by them or transferable.

UBER has all the right to change or update the Guest Refund Policy at any time by own without any prior declaration of notice to their members. In case of any changes in the Guest Refund Policy, then the intimation regarding this is sent as an email or message prior to the effective date.

UBER Guest Refund Policy is purely an agreement between UBER and the hosts and any transactions are made as per the declaration in UBER Guest Refund Policy.

If the members have any queries regarding the Guest Refund Policy, kindly share the details on the UBER Contact US Page.