UBER I Trust & Safety

UBER is an online information technology platform built on trust and dedicated to enabling BnB, vacation rentals, stays, travel, experiences, and real estate sales marketplace. The platform provides a safe and secure platform for guests, hosts, property managers, buyers, sellers, real estate professionals, and corporate owners.

Trust & Reliability is an essential element for our marketplace for the protection of end-users, participants, travelers, guests, hosts, secure payments and authenticated reviews. The members attached to the UBER Platform rely on its cutting-edge technology, network, and worldwide liquidity.

Book With High Confidence

This offers powerful benefits when you book a stay directly via UBER Platform with the security deposit, payment protection, and emergency booking assistance.


The UBER Platform collects reviews from its members. After the stay is over, both guests and the hosts will receive emails to review the experience. Both members see their ratings only after the submission of reviews.

Reports on Misconduct

If guests feel unsafe and we are notified by the member, UBER investigates its policies defined by the Host community and determines if there are any violations. Upon receiving notification of unsafe experiences by the Guests, the UBER Platform generates rebooking requests. In case of any violations of the policies, contact us and contact the appropriate authorities.

Owners have the option to rate the guests who confirm a booking. Ratings are shown to owners when a traveler submits the reservation request via an online booking system.

House Rules

Be clear, articulate, and set your rules to ensure the guests know what is and what isn’t allowed on your property. House rules are defined by the hosts. You can find many details that include the conditions of the stay, quiet hours, whether gatherings or events allowed or if there are age restrictions, and to check the occupancy status.

All rules must be in accordance with National, State, and Local Laws and Regulations.


Keeping your account safe and secure is MANDATORY. The UBER Platform has hidden proprietary tools that reduce this risk and maintain the trust value among the members.

Follow Privacy Standard

With the backup of best-in-class technology, UBER strictly follows the privacy standards to identify the transactions in a secure manner. By following the PCI-DSS standards, the disclosure of the security policy via the monitoring of devices is required.

Protecting Payments

The UBER Platform offers 100% security to your payments and the security deposit. The host listings are eligible subject to the policy defined by the UBER platform.

Make Communications Secure

The communications between the members are secure as long as they comply with the policies defined by the UBER Platform. A secure, private messaging option used by UBER Platform protects from phishing and identity theft.

The UBER Platform highlights that you will never be asked to wire funds or send money directly to the hosts outside the UBER booking and messaging channels.