UBER I Consent Disagree

Closing Your Account!

If you disagree with our new updated Terms of Service and Payment Requirements, then you won't be able to access the UBER website as well the Google Play Store or Apple App. Store  UBER app. on any device. You will not be able to accept new reservation requests regarding vacation rentals, stays, bnb, trip experiences as a host or book new reservations as a guest until you agree to the new terms. 

Want back in? Of course, you do.

If you are ready to come back and use our services, visit the UBER website on any device and log in to your account. You’ll see the updated Terms again. Just agree to them for instant access to services. 

Have an upcoming travel, stay, reservation, bnb or trip experience?

Any reservation before the date of revised Terms is confirmed without any limitations. UBER requests you to consistently check your email for the confirmation of upcoming reservations. Provide the email address associated with your UBER account to send us a note on the Contact Us Page. We will then be able to respond to your email account with the information about the upcoming reservation. 

Wish to deactivate a listing?

If you are a host and wish to deactivate your Listings, then you can send a note with the phrase, “deactivate my listing” to our Contact Us Page. In the same way, you can cancel your entire account. You must have access to your email account.

Need to cancel your account?

If you wish to cancel your UBER account, then you have to send a note to our Contact Us Page and include in the subject line, “cancel my account.”  We will only respond to the email address associated with the account.