UBER I Host Guarantee

Host Guarantee is a protection program that offers up to a 1 million USD claim on any damages by the guests. UBER host guarantee program is applicable to the hosts affiliated with UBER Platform.

The eligibility for the claim is subject to all the requirements, the conditions in the Host Guarantee Terms and a subsequent agreement with UBER. As a host, you must contact both UBER and the guest within 14 days of check out and prior to the next guest check-in. The main illustrations of the UBER Host Guarantee are:

  • Since this is not an insurance policy, the UBER Host Guarantee does not cover all the damages by guests. In case of any excess protection needed by Hosts, UBER requests Hosts to purchase additional insurance for the bnb, vacation rentals, stays and travel experiences they offer to cover property damage uncovered by the UBER Host Guarantee.

  • Similarly, the UBER Host Guarantee is not applicable for bodily injuries or any property damage to the guests.

  • The things protected by Host Guarantee Terms are damages to places by guests and guests’ animals.

  • UBER host guarantee is not applicable for theft of cash and security-related things and the damages by ordinary wear.

How to claim your Guarantee?

Assuming you have the subsequent ratified agreement with UBER, as a host, you must send a request containing the evidence of the damages like a receipt or photos through the resolution center. You first acknowledge and agree to the Terms and Conditions in the host guarantee. In case of any amounts you collected for your damage from other than UBER, that amount will be deducted from your claim.

Assurance of Confidentiality

The confidentiality of the hosts lies in 3 major aspects: identity check, secure message, and timely support. Prior to onboarding, Hosts must pass a screening process where their details are completely analyzed digitally. Hence, the guests can share their personal information in UBER securely.

On the state of any resolution deviation, the secure messaging option allows the guests to communicate with the hosts easily to get the solutions immediately.

There is a dedicated community support team around the round clock to offer support on any damages for property, hosts, and guests.

If you are in need of any further clarifications, share your queries on the UBER Contact Us Page.